Training at the Training Institute

The training of the Public Administration and
Local Government officers is planned and
implemented by the Training Institute (INEP)


  • Employees working in the Public Sector and Legal Entities governed by Public Law, permanent or private-law indefinite-term employees with private law definite-term work contracts
  • Employees of the 1st and 2nd degree local government and Public Utility Organizations
  • Employees at Legal Entities governed by Private Law, whose management is appointed by a Ministry or another Public body with definite-term private work contracts
  • Special Consultants of Elected Persons working with a definite-term private work contract
  • Revocable employees (i.e. Secretaries General of Public bodies)
  • Project and stage contracts are exempted.

At EKDDA website: Search for Programs (note: the service is exclusively in Greek)

Each employee has the right to submit two participation applications per semester and attend up to three training programs per year.

An e-mail will be sent to you (at the address stated in your application) informing you about its progress.

The names and phone numbers of the people heading the program are shown when you search for programs, by putting the cursor on the program code.

An e-mail will be sent to you informing you about when your selection document will be available at EKDDA website: E-Services, by using your password (note: the service is exclusively in Greek)

  • The relevance of the competences and tasks carried out by the employee with the objectives and subject of the training (target group as described in the circular of the training program)
  • The need of the Service for training
  • Submission date of the application
  • Consistency with the obligations during the attendance of previous training programs
  • The employees of bodies that have submitted an Education Plan are by priority selected to participate in the training actions of INEP.

There is no participation cost for the training programs of INEP but they are not subsidized.


The attendance certificate, if you have successfully concluded the training program you have attended and you have filled in the e-assessment for the program, is electronically issued at EKDDA website:  E-Services using your passwords and visiting the field Certificates (note: the service is exclusively in Greek)

For programs implemented before 9/2010, the certificates cannot be electronically issued by the trainees. You can send a fax with an application with your particulars at:  2131306304 or an e-mail at: and ask for the re-issuance of the attendance certificate.

The newly appointed employed must be enrolled in INEP Electronic Service to get a personal account and fill in the card “Personal Data” in detail (note:  the service is exclusively in Greek). The employee should then inform the Service so that it can submit a Request for Introductory Education in consultation with the Introductory Education Department of INEP.

The password and the user’s name are automatically sent to the e-mail the employee has stated during his/her enrollment. The e-mail is sent almost at once and can be found either in the Inbox or the Junk-Spam file of the user. If you do not get the e-mail with the password, then visit the website: and, more specifically, at the screen <a href=””>PARTICIPATION APPLICATION</a>  below the fields “user’s name” and “password”, there are links for their recovery (note: the service is exclusively in Greek). In any other case, you can contact the Support Service of Electronic Services at: 2131306396, 269


The usual problem is the wrong typing of the password by the user. The user’s name and the password are always filled in using lower case Latin letters, without gaps between the digits. In any other case, you can contact the Support Service of Electronic Services at: 213 1306396, 269

The personal account at the “PAST APPLICATIONS” keeps only the applications of this year at the website of E-Services, specifically at the screen <a href=”“ >APPLICATION</a>

Send an e-mail to with your personal details asking the program that you do not wish to attend to be deleted.