Training at the Training Institute

The training of the Public Administration and
Local Government officers is planned and
implemented by the Training Institute (INEP)

EKDDA programs are assessed on the basis of international standards to further strengthen and improve the performance of the training/educational intervention and also enhance the operation of public bodies and offered services. It relies on specific qualitative and quantitative indexes while the cooperation of EKDDA with the public bodies becomes significant and the knowledge and experiences of trainees and trainers are utilized. The assessment is carried out upon the conclusion of the program both by the trainers, and the trainees, for whom the assessment is a condition to get the successful attendance certificate.

The participants in EKDDA programs are obliged to submit, within a reasonable time, an evaluation report of the performance of the training intervention in relation to the improvement of the organization and operation of the service or the body where they work. The evaluation, at a first phase, is carried out using questionnaires filled in by the trainees according to the attached application guide (pdf) while at a second phase, the heads of their departments prepare a corresponding report.