Training at the Training Institute

The training of the Public Administration and
Local Government officers is planned and
implemented by the Training Institute (INEP)

EKDDA enables the Public bodies and services to electronically submit their education requests via a digital platform that allows the description and documentation of the relevant need. The submission of requests is accompanied by a brief description of the operational targets of the body and the target group is determined, i.e. the number of people that are to be trained, approximately based on the University, Technological, Secondary or other category. Via the electronic platform, each Public body or service provides direct access to the history of the requests also showing their satisfaction degree. A condition for the use of the platform is the authorization that should be granted to one or more officers of the body or the service to submit applications for training programs and for introductory training. The authorization is provided in writing by the competent Administration Body of the Service and in this way, the authorized party is responsible for the submission of said requests.

To access the E-Service for the Submission of Applications of Bodies, go here (note: the service is exclusively in Greek)