implements life-long training actions, focuses on the production of fast-career executives and the research, documentation and innovation at all development levels of the public administration human resources

The innovation labs were established as a forum to promote specific solutions on critical issues relating to the modern social and economic reality that the Greek public administration must address. It is an important consultation process and experience and know-how exchange with the participation of foreign experts, governmental officials, university professors and researchers as well as higher public service officers, with institutional competence or special knowledge on the specific subject. The conclusions and proposals of the innovation labs are reflected in policy reports and operational action plans. The following topics have been addressed in the labs that were organized:

  • “The Public Sector learns and changes:  Contemporary challenges and orientations of training in the Public Sector”
  • “Utilization of Educational Resources of Learning Systems”
  • “Management of Educational Resources of Learning Systems”
  • “Strategies of Integrated Spatial Development”
  • General Data Protection Regulation:  The new landscape and the obligations of Public Administration
  • Open and Collaborative Learning
  • “Law 4369/2016: Planning and Implementation of Structured Interview”
  • “Assessment of Interoperability of Electronic Public Services”
  • “Open Government – Transparency and Public Participation”
  • “Open Government – Open Data: Challenge for the Development”
  • “Competitiveness and Improvement of the entrepreneurial environment”
  • “E-prescription”
  • “Strengthening transparency – Combating corruption”
  • “Innovations in Consultation: The citizen’s participation in decision making”
  • “Athens: A city in crisis?”
  • “E-Government Framework”
  • “Di@vgeia Program: The Present and Future of Transparency in the Public Life”
  • “E-Publication, Circulation and Filing of Documents”


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