implements life-long training actions, focuses on the production of fast-career executives and the research, documentation and innovation at all development levels of the public administration human resources

Open Government combines political and technological characteristics. It is based on a framework of political principles, such as transparency, consultation, accountability and decentralization. Utilizing technology, the OpenGov website responds to the citizens’ need for information, meritocracy and participation in the procedure of decision formation, via consultations in legislative and regulatory policy actions. More specifically, by utilizing open code applications and tools, invitations for expression of interest for public sector revocable posts and the drafts of legislative and regulatory provisions for public consultation etc are posted.

EKDDA bears the institutional responsibility for the management and posting of the material at OpenGov. The Information Application Department of the Productivity, Certification and New Technologies of EKDDA cares for the good operation, management and technical support of OpenGov and, furthermore, it provides the necessary expertise in the public bodies for better utilization of the platform. The posts at this e-portal of public consultations, Invitations for Expression of Interest for the staffing of bodies in various Government sectors and the other material contribute to the support of the principles of transparency and accountability that are the main characteristics of Open Government.