Training at the Training Institute

The training of the Public Administration and
Local Government officers is planned and
implemented by the Training Institute (INEP)

The education program for newly appointed employees complies with the policies of the applied administrative reform and aims at equipping said employees with the appropriate knowledge and skills for the more effective application of their duties on issues such as: state organization, strategic priorities, means of applying fiscal policy, promotion of the principles of legality and transparency, decrease of administrative burdens, application of e-governance and improvement of the quality of administrative and regulatory actions.

The 35-hour program is divided into 4 categories, depending on the body where the newly appointed employee works, i.e. central administration, local government, health services and social security services.  The program is differentiated into 2 levels for each category, depending on the category of participants, i.e. employees of university/technological education and secondary education employees.

According to a relevant circular, Public services and bodies are obliged to send a request via EKDDA electronic service for the training of the newly appointed employees, after both the bodies as well as the liable employees are enrolled in EKDDA e-service.