The School

The National School of Public Administration and Local Government (ESDDA) is the educational unit of the National Center of Public Administration and Local Government with the mission of training a body of specialized officials of the Public Administration with comprehensive professional training

The School’s students are allocated in Specialization Departments as each time decided in the Entrance Exams notice.  For the current 26th Education Series “Alexandros Svolos”, the Specialization Departments are the following:

S/N Specialization Department Objective Number to be admitted
1 General Administration Training of employees for the services of reform policies of all ministries 25
2 Developmental Regional Policies Training of employees of services competent in the decentralization and local government fields of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administrative Reconstruction, decentralized administrations, regions and municipalities. 15
3 Health and Social Care Services’ Administration Training of employees of organizations that provide Health and Social Care Services The specific department includes two programs: Health Service Management Program and Social Care Program 20
4 Commercial – Financial Affairs Training of the employees in this sector of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 10
5 International and European Affairs Training of employees of services for European affairs and services involved in the implementation of European and international policies 10
6 Digital Policy Training of specialized employees for the application and dissemination of the National Digital Strategy for ICTs at all bodies of Central Administration and Legal Entities governed by Public Law and all levels of administration 10
7 Cultural Administration Training of specialized staff in cultural issues and in the application of national and European cultural policies 10