Documentation, Research, Innovation Institute

Documentation, Research and Information for a Modern Public Administration at the Citizen's service

The repository of administrative knowledge, open to the society and especially to the academia and research community, is continuously enriched with the studies, research that the public services are bodies are obliged to disclose according to the relevant circular, and also with information, data and reports from public consultation or from innovation laboratories, or are selected from the domestic and international academic and research production via thematic innovation networks.

In this way, the access of the repository users to the international expertise & innovation is facilitated and the main sources of open data and services are mapped.

Furthermore, apart from the possibility of accessing the modern scientific and experiential dialogue on the improvement of public administration, the planning of the repository provides for the development of interaction tools giving the user the opportunity to act as a research and assessor of scientific material.

Finally, the repository is enriched with the educational material of the Training Institute, the theses of the students of ESDDA, the open consultation data and the citizens’ comments, while it is also linked to EKDDA library.