implements life-long training actions, focuses on the production of fast-career executives and the research, documentation and innovation at all development levels of the public administration human resources

Quality, the driving force for growth of an entity, contributes to its more effective operation, the improvement of the level of offered services and products and the increase of the level of satisfaction of its customers.

The Quality Management Systems provide the context in which each entity can measure and improve its performance and operation.

The National Center of Public Administration & Local Government has applied a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 standard since 1999.

The ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001 standard is the most widely-spread quality management standard in the world, setting the requirements for the development and application of an effective Quality Management System.  ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001 standard can be applied by any entity interested in improving its operation irrespective of its size or the sector in which it is active.  However, the best results are achieved in entities that apply the standard in all posts or activities and not in separate ones.

The Administration of EKDDA has been committed to turn to Quality and to upgrade the quality of educational and training programs and improve the application procedures. Furthermore, its priority is the strengthening of the human resources of the Center, offering opportunities for a successful career, specialized information, support to civil servants and sharing its vision with them. The Quality System applied by EKDDA is an application tool of Total Quality Administration and a means for continuous improvement of the work provided by EKDDA.


The National Center of Public Administration and Local Government is the national body for the development of the human resources of public administration and its vision is to contribute to the development of a more effective public administration ensuring high quality services for the citizens and promoting social solidarity.

In the context of its mission it creates executive and development skills for the staff, upgrades the human resources of public administration by offering training and supports the changes and reforms in the public sector by developing the professional skills of civil servants and preparing studies and implementing actions supporting the national and European public policies and harmonizing the former with the latter. Life-long learning in EKDDA is governed by the principles of adult education and aims at developing the personality of civil servants so that they can steadily improve the operation of their service.

By taking advantage of its available resources, it digitalizes its services to better respond to its work. It has an electronic system of applications, an electronic system of detecting educational needs and electronic evaluation and assessment of educational actions.

It draws and implements targeted actions for public entities, utilizing detection studies of needs, education plans and memorandums of cooperation.

It strengthens the Greek public administration and local government with civil servants that have attended the National School of Public Administration and Local Government.

It supports the reforms and administrative innovation by holding consultation workshops, offering studies drawn up at the public sector and providing consultancy.

It upgrades the staff of public entities by utilizing the know-how and good practices of other equivalent bodies and offering its own know-how in the framework of international co-operations.

EKDDA administration is committed to offering quality services and the on-going upgrading of both the educational and training programs as well as their implementation procedures.

Their implementation relies on the human resources of the Center and this is why, an effort is made to offer them opportunities of career and training to be able to participate in EKDDA’s work and mission.

The Quality System applied by EKDDA is the means to improve the services provided by the National Center and constitutes an application tool of Total Quality Administration.

The President of EKDDA

Iphigeneia Kamtsidou

Substitute Professor


EKDDA applies the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 standard