Documentation, Research, Innovation Institute

Documentation, Research and Information for a Modern Public Administration at the Citizen's service

ITEK is the competent body to carry out research-studies and proceed to publications, on its own or after being assigned the project, following the approval of the competent bodies.

The primary goal of ITEK is to investigate, using scientific criteria and methods, matters of the organizational structure and performance of the Public Administration, the better planning and more effective implementation of public policies and structural interventions.

Equal significance is also given to the monitoring, recording and utilization of innovative methods, best practices, processes and approaches detected in the Greek Public Administration and Local Government and also at an international level.

The target is to implement more innovative methods all the time for the improvement of the cohesion and operational capacity of the broader public sector and also for managing problems of dysfunction, especially in sectors where citizens express low degree of satisfaction from the provided services.

ITEK research planning is implemented with the participation and cooperation of the scientific personnel of all EKDDA Units and via synergies and networking with research bodies in Greece active in relevant fields.