The School

The National School of Public Administration and Local Government (ESDDA) is the educational unit of the National Center of Public Administration and Local Government with the mission of training a body of specialized officials of the Public Administration with comprehensive professional training

To be accepted by the ESDDA, the candidates, higher education graduates of various specialties, private employees or civil servants, must successfully sit for the Entrance Exams, held by the independent Central Exams Committee.

The Entrance Exams is carried out in 2 stages:

The first stage includes a compulsory written test of the candidates in the following:

  1. Organisation and operation of the state (essay)
  2. Microeconomic – Macroeconomic and Public Financial (essay)
  3. Knowledge and Skills (multiple choice questions on general topics and current affairs)

The second stage includes a written and oral exam of the candidates based on a file including, i.e., legal provisions, scientific analyses, articles, statistical data, on a matter of current affairs.

The written test comprises an essay on a topic or questions related to the content of the file; the oral exam/ presentation of the file is made by the candidate before five-member committees appointed by the Central Exam Committee.