Documentation, Research, Innovation Institute

Documentation, Research and Information for a Modern Public Administration at the Citizen's service

The Documentation, Research and Innovation Institute (ΙΤΕΚ) is the research unit of EKDDA. It was set up at the end of 2018 (article 7, Presidential Decree 105/12-5-1018/GG 203, Α’) with the aim to contribute to the production, promotion and dissemination of administrative expertise and innovative practices in the Greek public sector.  ITEK carries out and utilizes studies and monitors the international trends and best practices in the public administration.

In order to achieve its objectives, ITEK:

  • Develops specialized techniques, tools and initiatives that strengthen transparency, cooperative governance, reliability, effectiveness and efficiency in the Greek public administration and achieve the best utilization of its human resources based on the principles of Good Governance.
  • It carries out surveys/studies, holds seminars, workshops and meetings and handles publications that introduce innovative approaches and can be utilized in the planning and implementation of public policies by the Central Administration and Local Government.
  • It works on collecting and disseminating data and information generated by the Greek Public Administration to make them more accessible, useful and operational, as dictated by the polices of Open Government.