Documentation, Research, Innovation Institute

Documentation, Research and Information for a Modern Public Administration at the Citizen's service

Key Actions / Projects

  • Redesign of the admission examination and training program of the National School for Public Administration & Local Government in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the EU Directorate General for Reform (DG Reform), Expertise France and the French National Institute of Public Service (Institut National du Service Public – INSP, formerly École Nationale d’ Administration – ENA).
  • Transfer of knowhow and best practices to our Balkan and Eurasian counterparts.
  • Training programs concerning the Internal Audit System in the Public Sector and the Integrity Advisor. A total of 387 Internal Auditors and 166 Integrity Advisors have been certified up to now.
  • Implementation of L.4622/2019 “Executive State” is materialized with a certified training programs for the newly established ‘Executive managers’ branch (e.g. Information Systems Security Officers, Human Resources Development Consultants, etc).
  • Training programs for the enhancement of human rights within public administration (LGBDQ+) accordingly to national strategies.
  • Upgrading the digital skills of civil servants with the collaboration of Microsoft.


EKDDA pursue and implement collaborations and partnerships by signing Protocols of Cooperation with ministries, decentralized administrations, regional and local authorities, public agencies, independent administrative authorities and social partners.

At European and international level, EKDDA has developed a wide network of collaborations with foreign counterparts and actively participates in international fora and meetings. It also participates in UN, OECD and French former École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) – now Institut National du Service Public (INSP) programs, as well as in European civil servant exchange programs. EKDDA is a member of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Public Administration (IASIA), the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) and participates in the Network of Directors of the EU Schools and Institutes of Public Administration (DISPA).

EKDDA also collaborates with many distinguished institutions abroad such as the LSE, Harvard Kennedy School and the University of London among others, focusing on the areas of innovation, business ethics, leadership and data analysis in the public sector as well as innovative learning.