At least ten thousand Greek and foreign books on specialised scientific fields are disposed of EKDDA’s 25-year old library, member of the National Network of Scientific and Technologic Libraries. The Library is accessible to the citizens and its collection is mostly automated according to the AVECT 5.5 programme of the National Documentation Centre (EKT). It is open daily from 08:30 through 15:30.

The collection is regularly enriched with books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, informational material, special OECD editions, WTO editions, editions of the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE), of the Hellenic Company of Local Development and Administration (EETAA), of the Institute of Labour, as well as with the papers of the ESDD and ESTA students (appr. 4.500 so far).

In addition, there are 140 titles of foreign magazines and 40 Greek ones, as well as publications of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, the European Institute of Public Administration, the European Council and Unesco. Also, there are nine foreign newspapers delivered daily and one can electronically search for Greek legislation (GG) and access to the EU Gazette.

The collection is automised in its greatest part and installed on EKDDA’s server and thus electronic searches are possible through EKDDA’s website: The library, being a member of the National Network of Scientific and Technological Libraries, allows the search and exchange of articles among hundreds of collaborating libraries within Greece and abroad.