EKDDA has developed a wide co-operation network with foreign counterparts, participates actively in international fora and meetings. Also, EKDDA takes part in UN and OECD programs, as well as in EU Initiatives. EKDDA is a member of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA), of the European Group for Public Administration (E.G.P.A.), and of the Directors of Schools and Institutes of Public Administration of the European Union network (DISPA).

EKDDA is designing and implementing training programmes aiming at the transfer of know-how regarding “Best Practice” at international level. This initiative is part of EKDDA’s partnerships with foreign counterparts on PA issues and is also part of the interstate agreements of Greece for the support of reform policies and actions. It aims at introducing and endorsing innovative approaches, methods and procedures as well as at training the senior PA officials on the successful practice and standards adopted abroad.

Through the years EKDDA has cooperated with:

  • the National School of Administration (ENA – France)
  • the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)
  • the Federal Academy of Public Administration (BAKÖV – Germany)
  • the Academy of Public Administration (CAPA – Cyprus)
  • the Finnish Institute of Public Administration (HAU)
  • the National School of Government (UK)
  • the Institute of Education – University of London (UK)

And has signed Memoranda of Understanding with:

  • The National School of Administration of the Public’s Republic of China
  • the JFK School of Governance of the Harvard University (Harvard Kennedy School – USA)
  • the National School of Public Administration of Italy (SSPA)
  • the National School of Public Administration of Portugal (INA)
  • the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP – Spain)
  • The Institute of Public Administration & European Integration of Bulgaria
  • the Institute of Local Government Prague

Moreover, in 2010, EKDDA undertook the study for the restructuring and modernisation of the Cypriot local government and, in 2012, our institution supported the preparation of the Cypriot Presidency of the EU Council. Also, in 2011, EKDDA organised a thematic conference with the cooperation of the French ENA and another one, in 2008, with the participation of the representatives of all the cooperating European and international PA institutions.