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This is a newly formed Unit aiming at collecting, processing and distributing data on issues regarding the HR development, as well as issues regarding the introduction of functional changes and innovative methods and approaches in PA and Local Government.

The Unit is also responsible for submitting proposals for facing phenomena of administrative dysfunction notably in fields where a low satisfaction degree on the part of the citizens for the services delivered has been detected, as well as for processing and evaluating the reports submitted by the trainees and notably the directors and heads of departments regarding the redesigning of structures and procedures, reports that contribute to the functional upgrading of the services they lead.

Additionally, the Unit sees to the good function and management of the website where all the calls for expressions of interest for PA revocable positions are uploaded as well as the drafts of legislative and regulatory provisions that are on for public debate (

The L3966/2001 (art. 57) provides for the obligation of all PA institutions/agents to notify EKDDA on the studies and researches relative to the issues mentioned above in order for a portal for collecting this material to always exist and be handy for the institutions interested. This notification is required in order for these studies and researches to be paid off.