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The Institute of Training (INEP) and its decentralized structure in Thessaloniki (PINEPTH) is EKDDA’s training unit with the mission of training both the newly appointed Public Sector’s employees and the already serving staff of the Public sector and the Local Government through specifically designed certified programs. INEP’s training actions were completely redesigned so as to support the effective implementation of the public policies concerning the administrative reform and decentralization, the effectiveness and transparency, the sustainable development, E-Governance, health, social policy and social solidarity.

The new training design empowers EKDDA’s cooperation with the public services and institutions towards the elaboration of operational training designs, through a modern system of detecting the training needs and assessing the results of the training provided. Moreover, innovative problem solving workshops are established, substantial training decentralization is strengthened, the Trainers’ Registry is redesigned so as to relate each trainer’s expertise to the training programs’ subjects and electronic communication is adopted for all the training services provided.